Where creativity
meets technology

We change your ideas into reality by developing the best-in-class custom software, driven by strong creativity and rooted in the cutting edge technology required for operational excellence.

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Comprehensive IT solutions

We put creative and progressive thinking into anything we do. We know that in today´s dynamic world it is necessary to react on constantly changing user needs in flexible way. And this is the reason why with us your ideas turn into reality. We are interested in your needs. We always seek the most creative and innovative solutions that will positively influence your business and lead it to higher level. We do not mind if you are small regional business or big international company. We will start your business in successful way.

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Web applications

In MiW we create custom made and creative web applications that match your needs, the needs of your company and the way the company works. We offer original and innovative solutions that will help you to conquer your competition. All of this with expense effectiveness.

Mobile applications

Your company needs high-quality mobile functions to reach optimal results. We will create it for you in high-quality design and every application will be distinguished by its speed and perfect UX. We precisely implement all great ideas because we understand that they cannot stay in the level of ideas.


We do not mind if our client is mother on maternity leave who has one little shop or big international brand. We will always take care of creation of e-commerce solution that will help you to put your business on completely other level – and you will increase your sales and create unbeteable relation with your customers.


First-class website that connects beautiful design, easy-user functionality and optimization for all types of screens is necessary in today´s world successful business. We have a lot of experience with it in MiW and that is the reason why we can create and carry out a website which will help your business to grow faster.


Start up your on-line business success with us. In MiW we know that what cannot be seen properly in on-line word, it does not exist. This is the reason why one of our main goals is optimization of website with key words and searched terms in a way that your business will get into centre of attention.

Online marketing

It is said that what worked in on-line marketing yesterday, does not work today. In MiW we observe all dynamically developing trends. Thanks to them we can create on-line campaigns that will make the advertising of your business more effective and you will gain more time to deal with other important aspects of your business.

Our approach

We combine creativity with technology to create unique digital experience. Our approach is user-centric and it concentrates on creation of positive experience with innovative technologies.


We focus on maximization of value that the products and services can bring to clients and that is thanks to top-quality technologies and creative solutions.


We support demands and solutions by adaptation planning, evolutionary development and continuous delivery while we still try to enhance and support the fast and flexible reactions to changes.


We only use the cutting-edge technologies and we follow the approved practise so that we can meet the needs of our client in the most effective way.

Website and web application
Website and web application — CANNYPACK
Web application and mobile application
Web application and mobile application — MODOC
E-commerce and online marketing
E-commerce and online marketing — Morgan Steel
Mobile application
Mobile application — Morgan Steel
Website and web application
Website and web application — MOVYS

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About us

We change your ideas into reality.

MiW company was established in 2010 because we wanted to do things in different way. More creatively. More innovatively. User-centric. Most of the applications we know today are slow and users need more time to understand how to use it. Moreover, most of them cover only basic processes and dare not go futher. We have decided to deliver such solutions that bring joy with usage and make the work faster.

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